Save Your Quick Lube Business From Recession

Generally in a recession people keep their older cars longer. Thus, folks know since they cannot afford to buy a new car they must take extra good care of the one they have. So, it would stand to reason that companies like quick oil change and lube type businesses would be recession resistant.

Normally, this would be true, however this recession has been a little tougher than usual, and we are also coming off some extremely high fuel and oil prices in the summer of 2008. So, with all this known and with business down for everyone, even businesses once believed to be “recession proof” sometimes business owners must get a little creative.

And this begs the question; what can a quick lube and oil business do to increase sales during these turbulent times? Well, one thing they can do is to expand their customer base. Rather than relying on customers to come to your facility, they need to consider finding fleet business and going to them. How so you ask?

Well, it is simple really; the best thing to do is to get a few work trucks and install a couple of fresh oil tanks with hoses and a large waste oil tank and then go sell some large accounts that have fleets of vehicles, which need oil change services.

You’ll be able to save those companies money on their oil change needs and help prolong the life of expensive equipment. In doing so, you will be making money by saving your fleet customers and clientele money, while creating a new revenue stream. Please consider all this.